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Watch Me Jump is a digital story of scandal and betrayal, played out in four quarters. As WNBA all-star Audra Bee Mills, the player will navigate through the story, shaping Audra's personality along the way through the choices made.

Watch Me Jump is the first video game from award-winning playwright Jeremy Gable, and is adapted from his play of the same name. The player takes the role of Audra Bee Mills, who is about to become the highest paid women’s basketball player in the world. But on the night before playoffs, a scandal threatens to overturn everything she has worked for. And Audra has to figure out how to get through the night without losing either her dignity or her career.

As the player moves through the game, various choices will influence Audra’s experience and personality. And with the decisions made, the player will help Audra determine what it truly means to be “the best".

Featuring completely original artwork and music, Watch Me Jump is a throwback to the games of the 8-bit era, combining the look and feel of old-school RPGs and text based adventures with a unique and original 21st century story. And simple, easy-to-use controls help move the player through the many twists of this intense and humorous journey.


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9/10 game. I was doing a re-playthrough, but I realized there was no good way to skip dialogue. However,  the favorite game list was 100% accurate

- Braid 

- Chrono Trigger 

- Grim Fandango 

- Portal 2 

- Sonic the Hedgehog 2 

- Super Mario Bros. 3 

- Super Metroid 

- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Arcade version)

- Tetris (Game Boy version)

- Undertale

nice short and interesting game, it only takes an hour to play and tells its story nicely. i recommend trying it out if you have an hour to spare.

nice! sport game is important to our society

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Ironic that this is in the Ukraine pack and, as a result of that conflict and Russia being the way it is, the real life equivalent of this character--Brittney Griner--is *actually* in danger and being held in Russia:


That was really interesting! Maybe the best game I've played this year so far.


Graphically simplistic visual novel that shines with a very realistic approach to its characters in its 1 hour runtime, touching on many heavier topics around personal failings, patriarchic structures, trust and sports associations. Its easy to discount the game directly after starting it up for its clumsy presentation, but once you see how the story develops its easy to feel connected through the intriguing conversation choices and honest feeling dilemmas and consequences. If you enjoy a well written character drama short story, this will be right up your alley. 3.5/5

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Played it at GDC, awesome and well written dialog! 


if you like games like << actual sunlight >> and << little red lie >> you may love this